Product Design

Product design means creating objects that distinguish themselves essentially from others in the eyes of IONDESIGN Berlin. From close observation of everyday life arise improvements and new inventions. Of particular importance in product design is the utility of the product. The shape follows the function and out of these aspects, we develop a formal language which creates a clear identity. more...

The needs and desires of the customer and the user are analyzed before the actual product design begins. For this we use sketches, renderings, three-dimensional models and digital drawings. The building of prototypes is essential to make an item ready for mass production, just as much as the taking into account of all stages of the production chain. Thus, industrial design is often also universal design, as it must meet most varied needs.

A good industrial design unites culture and function, turning it into a mediator between consumer and product. For 20 years IONDESIGN Berlin creates reduced forms out of a wide variety of materials, which gives each object an autonomous aesthetic. To develop objects for serial production, the process with its possibilities and limitations must be considered.

At IONDESIGN Berlin we use the terms product design and industrial design interchangeably. The interdisciplinary team of product designers, architects and interior designers works in areas such as medical technology, household appliances, lighting, vehicles, furniture, equipment and toys. For IONDESIGN Berlin, the usability is of outstanding importance in product design.

In the process, we use design thinking as a working method. It makes it possible to understand the world as malleable and allows us to intervene as industrial designers in it and make changes for the better. Ergonomics are just as important as security, maintenance and usability for a successful product design. Furthermore life cycle and economic factors have an influence on the final form in industrial design.

Our clients include Alessi, Audi, Axel Spinger, Herlitz, Miele, Somatex and Deutsche Telekom. Good products are sustainable because they do what they are meant to do for a long time. As industrial designers we have a great responsibility, of which we are aware. We know from experience how much influence a well thought out object which is visually appealing can have.

Our work in product design has received many awards in the past, for example the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Reddot Design Award and the IF Communication Award.

IONDESIGN Trinkbrunnen Fotomontage Hafen Flasche fuellen

drinking fountain for everyone · 2023

Hamburg Wasser


Y-Flyer · 2021

IONDESIGN – In-house development

IONDESIGN Praesentationszylinder fuer Sonnenbrille Skyview Michael Najjar

cylindrical display for sunglasses · 2022

Studio Michael Najjar

IONDESIGN Moldex Schutzbrille Produktdesign Rendering links vorn

Safety goggles · 2021


IONDESIGN Kamei Dachbox Fosco hero scaled

Car Roof Box Fosco · 2018


IONDESIGN berlin ELG chess award gold

chess trophy · 2018

Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft

IONDESIGN TAKEOFF modularer Konferenstisch Rendering Gruppe Flug auf hellgrau

Conference Table System – modular and uncomplicated · 2017

IONDESIGN – In-house development

IONDESIGN Parkplatzmarkierung Compositing im Parkhaus 1

mobile marking for parking spaces · 2017

GSG Berlin

IONDESIGN Produktdesign Ionprodukt schoener tisch seitenansicht

Schöner Tisch · 2017

IONDESIGN – Eigenentwicklung

IONDESIGN Berlin Souvenier Mauerfall Rendering

Fall Of The Wall 2.0 – Berlin Souvenir · 2013

IONDESIGN – In-house development

IONDESIGN Rohstoffeffizienz Preis Foto

Minimal Surfaces for “Rohstoffeffizienz-Preis” · seit 2011

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie


Erecting mechanism vertebral body


IONDESIGN Produktdesign Ionprodukt solid table rendering wall istanbul tagt scaled

Solid Table · 2009

Wall GmbH


SIS – Small Injection System · 2008


IONDESIGN Moldex Waveband Rendering full

Hearing protection – lightweight and ergonomic · 2007



Safety during X-ray analysis · 2006


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