Packaging Design

Fine feathers make fine birds – packaging makes wares (a product) . The cover of the product combines the content into one unit, serves as protection and for storage, makes it transportable, dispensable and easy to handle. The packaging interacts with its consumer, communicates and makes recognizable.

IONDESIGN LOZANA Etikett Foto Detail scaled

Superfoods Labels · 2020


Fine olive oil organic, sustainable and fair · 2019 / 2022

il circolo

IONDESIGN verpackung cici
IONDESIGN Hoffmann Dental Foto Zahnzement

Product Graphic for Tooth Cement · 2012

Hoffmann Dental Manufaktur

PocketPak® – protection for ear protection · 2007


IONDESIGN Moldex hero ohrstoepsel zuschnitt
IONDESIGN Kraft Ketchup Flasche

A rocket for ketchup · 1998

Kraft Jacobs Suchard