IONDESIGN creates buildings considering internal and external interaction. Architecture forms walls and ports, rooms and paths in urban contexts, and is dictated in turn by them. IONDESIGN shapes buildings such as objects of utility. Content and function appear materialised and moulded in a physical conformation and makes it usable. The building keeps its walkable content packed and covered and configurates the space. Usability, technique and extravagances are kept dimensionally stable.This attitude seeing architecture makes IONDESIGN taking a lot of care about sustainability and environmental energy management.

IONDESIGN Wall Niederlassung Freiburg aussen nacht 01

A Glass Cube in Freiburg · 2007

Wall GmbH

IONDESIGN WALL City Toilette Alexanderplatz Foto Eingang

Public toilet at Alexanderplatz · 2007

Wall GmbH

IONDESIGN architektur unternehmensgebaeude wall niederlande 1

Corporate Building Wall Netherlands · 2004

Wall GmbH

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