We believe in the responsibility of design.


10/2021 · IONDESIGN exhibits at Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen until April 24, 2022.

Since July 2021, the use of plastics for disposable products is prohibited. The POTT: Design Award therefore focuses on the use of alternative materials to conventional plastic cutlery. IONDESIGN submitted the multifunctional cutlery set "GoSteck" as a competition entry. As a selected project, it will be shown at Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen as part of the exhibition until April 24, 2022. Photo: Juri Zenin

07/2021 · Job center with a difference!

Open, customer-friendly and an inviting, motivating working atmosphere are reflected in the new design of the Jobcenter Treptow-Köpenick. In addition to customer orientation, the concept also focuses on ergonomic design to protect the Jobcenter employees beyond workplace guidelines. To the project on our website …

01/2021 · Optimismus ist Pflicht !

Ein merkwürdiges Jahr geht zu Ende. Das gibt uns guten Grund, den Philosophen Karl Popper zu zitieren.
Wir danken allen neuen und allen vertrauten Geschäftspartnern, Freunden und IONDESIGN-Liebhabern für die schönen Projekte und vielversprechenden Perspektiven. Viel Freude, Glück und Optimismus für ein grandioses 2021.

Product Design

Product design means creating objects that distinguish themselves essentially from others in the eyes of IONDESIGN Berlin. From close observation of everyday life arise improvements and new inventions. Of particular importance in product design is the utility of the product. The shape follows the function and out of these aspects, we develop a formal language which creates a clear identity. The needs and desires of the customer and the user are analyzed before the actual product design begins. For this we use sketches, renderings, three-dimensional models and digital drawings. The building of prototypes is essential to make an item ready for mass production, just as much as the taking into account of all stages of the production chain. Thus, industrial design is often also universal design, as it must meet most varied needs. A good industrial design unites culture and function, turning it into a mediator between consumer and product. For 20 years IONDESIGN Berlin creates reduced forms out of a wide variety of materials, which gives each object an autonomous aesthetic. To develop objects for serial production, the process with its possibilities and limitations must be considered. At IONDESIGN Berlin we use the terms product design and industrial design interchangeably. The interdisciplinary team of product designers, architects and interior designers works in areas such as medical technology, household appliances, lighting, vehicles, furniture, equipment and toys. For IONDESIGN Berlin, the usability is of outstanding importance in product design. In the process, we use design thinking as a working method. It makes it possible to understand the world as malleable and allows us to intervene as industrial designers in it and make changes for the better. Ergonomics are just as important as security, maintenance and usability for a successful product design. Furthermore life cycle and economic factors have an influence on the final form in industrial design. Our clients include Alessi, Audi, Axel Spinger, Herlitz, Miele, Somatex and Deutsche Telekom. Good products are sustainable because they do what they are meant to do for a long time. As industrial designers we have a great responsibility, of which we are aware. We know from experience how much influence a well thought out object which is visually appealing can have. Our work in product design has received many awards in the past, for example the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Reddot Design Award and the IF Communication Award. >> Product Design Projects by IONDESIGN Berlin

Public Design

Public Design. A City is an attractive one, when it offers satisfaction of our needs and comes up with a variety of new and surprising features; when everyday life in this city is easy and tempts on new paths; this city invites for a stay. Urbanism is the result of a common creative will of us human beings. The public space deserves a gentle and sensitive treatment like listening and responding to the requirements. Public Design for functional areas and urban furniture, tailored to the particular needs at the particular place, with recognizable value and high aesthetic quality. Public Design bears the responsibility for the resident´s and visitor´s perception and orientation. The utilized design is indispensable for a better life urbanism. >> Projects


Packaging Design. Fine feathers make fine birds - packaging makes wares (a product) . The cover of the product combines the content into one unit, serves as protection and for storage, makes it transportable, dispensable and easy to handle. The packaging interacts with its consumer, communicates and makes recognizable. IONDESIGN always gives immense attention to the requirements of the user, to ideal handling and aesthetic design. Packaging Design means creating helpful instruments for the user. Building up a character and giving a feel. Market success by developing the optimised packaging. It is Packaging Design by IONDESIGN. >> Projects


Architecture. IONDESIGN creates buildings considering internal and external interaction. Architecture structures the area for desired belongings and its particular being. Architecture forms walls and ports, rooms and paths in urban contexts, and is dictated in turn by them. IONDESIGN shapes buildings such as objects of utility. Content and function appear materialised and moulded in a physical conformation and makes it usable. The building keeps its walkable content packed and covered and configurates the space. Usability, technique and extravagances are kept dimensionally stable. This attitude seeing architecture makes IONDESIGN taking a lot of care about sustainability and environmental energy management. >> Projects

Interior Design

Interior Design by IONDESIGN Berlin means designing spaces, equipment and furniture for daily use. The interior design is based on the space, its very nature and its function. Interior Design creates and shapes the space for living and working processes in a work or home environment. It also helps to optimize and build up environments. Individual design saves costs on a longer perspective. Specialized companies produce the furniture and space-defining elements of the interior according to the latest production methods as well as to our precise planning and coordination. The rapidly changing labor world also changes the requirements for workplaces. This is where Interior Design must begin and take into account the changes of our time: good planning can organize workflows, create pleasant environments and provide flexible structures. We put the user in the focus of the interior design and provide tailor-made solutions. Many years of experience in interior design identify us as the ideal partner for the interior architecture of a law firm, an open-plan office and a doctor's office. When designing interiors and their equipment, IONDESIGN Berlin uses design thinking and design doing as a tool. The aim is the improvement of Interiors, inspiring working conditions and a productive atmosphere. The ideal interior represents the company and its employees. IONDESIGN Berlin designs solutions that take into account the wishes our customers have. Through detailed analysis IONDESIGN Berlin identifies the needs of the user, detects problems and develops the interior architecture according to the task. We understand who the users of the space are and develop the interior architecture from their perspective. IONDESIGN Berlin has got numerous projects to show, amongst which the interior design of the Wall AG offices is only one reference. Several law firms and stores have been designed by IONDESIGN Berlin as well. Also outside Berlin IONDESIGN is represented with interior design projects, such as the corporate headquarters of the Wall AG in Istanbul. The interdisciplinary team of interior designers, industrial designers and architects behind the name IONDESIGN Berlin benefits from its experience in interior design whilst maintaining a fresh approach for each project to find the ideal solution. Amongst the clients are Audi, Kraft, Miele and Alessi as well as our long term client Wall AG. >> Interior Design Projects by IONDESIGN Berlin

Exhibition Design

The function of the trade fair and thus the design of the exhibition is changing fundamentally. We notice this at IONDESIGN Berlin more and more often. Not pure information is the core of the trade fair design. Neither the representation of the product and services offered or the role of the trade fair stand as a selling point. Instead, exhibition design serves for corporate presentation: intensified communication and interaction transform the former stall in a company-Lounge - a booth in which stakeholders meet and can exchange ideas. A holistic approach to the design of the trade show architecture is more important than ever: in contrast to the sober booth, exhibition design today combines several design disciplines. Exhibition design by IONDESIGN Berlin links corporate design, interior design, architecture and communication design in an intelligent way. It aims at a higher recognition of the trade show, it serves the universal recognition of the company. The creative presentation of the company content and corporate culture forms tangible space in the booth for the business exchange. It sets the exhibition design clearly apart from the competition. Exhibition architecture by IONDESIGN Berlin adds value for the company and makes it clear that uniform construction systems and cost saving may not be the factors that make for successful trade fairs. Trade fair design by IONDESIGN Berlin crosses the boundaries of different disciplines and creates synergies for a unique corporate presence. In addition to concrete sales results, a successful exhibition architecture increases visibility and creates long-term customer loyalty. For IONDESIGN Berlin the exhibition stand of tomorrow is forward-looking and modular. The used material of the booth is of particular importance for the three-dimensional design at IONDESIGN Berlin. The stand is based on the company and conveys its identity. Visitors of a trade fair will quickly know what the represented company stands for – this is our goal for good exhibition design by IONDESIGN Berlin. The perfect corporate presentation is a custom design solution that fits only to one company. Exhibition stands often have a similar look and can hardly be distinguished amongst each other - Exhibition Design by IONDESIGN is sustainable. The modular design ensures that a booth can be used for various trade fairs, thus serving the company for a long time. IONDESIGN Berlin stands for individual exhibition design. >> Projects

Graphic / Web Design

Graphic Design / Web Design creates visual contents. Graphic Design interacts, transfers information, establishes identifying features and personality. By dint of illustration, colour, typography and material contents and coherences will be made visible - in the field of print and electronic media and also for tri-dimensional products. IONDESIGN offers creation and realisation of stationery, flyers, posters, brochures, books, signage systems and websites inclusive programming; function and character are identifiable and usable. >> Projects