Barrier-free rooms, places, communication and everyday objects are the basis for inclusion. Without appropriate design, participation is made difficult or impossible for many people. Certain groups of people and minorities are not considered in daily life, often enough forgotten, sometimes even excluded. We put special emphasis on making design accessible and usable for as many people as possible. more...

This takes place on very different levels. For example, products should be intuitively understandable, so that they are not only accessible through expert knowledge. Objects, spaces and buildings should be designed inclusively for people of all kinds, large or small, adults and children, with physical or mental impairments and be user-friendly.

IONDESIGN Trinkbrunnen Fotomontage Hafen Flasche fuellen

drinking fountain for everyone · 2023

Hamburg Wasser

IONDESIGN Jobcenter Eingangsbereich Tresen

JOBCENTER Berlin · 2021

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

IONDesign Seeger 01 Kopie

Shop Design for Medical Supply Store · seit 2019

Seeger Gesundheitshaus

IONDESIGN Trifacta Foto Besprechungsraum

Officedesign for Tech-Start-Up · 2018


IONDESIGN Messedesign Berlin Heart Vitrine

Exhibition stand for artificial heart specialists · seit 2015

Berlin Heart

IONDESIGN messedesign konrad adenauer 1

More Experiments! · 2014

Konrad Adenauer Foundation

IONDESIGN WALL City Toilette Alexanderplatz Foto Eingang

Public toilet at Alexanderplatz · 2007

Wall GmbH

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