Product Design by IONDESIGN.

In our diverse projects in the fields of interior design, product design, industrial design, graphics and web design as well as public design, we work together with various clients from different backgrounds. Every now and then, we also develop our own projects and products at IONDESIGN Berlin. On this page you can find products from both categories by IONDESIGN Berlin, which are currently commercially available and distributed by us or our partners.

Schöner Tisch

Indiviudal Table

IONDESIGN Berlin has designed a table, which can be conference table, desk and dining table. The freedom in the color choice of the frame and the table top makes this product design by IONDESIGN Berlin highly individual. Maximum flexibility in function and color. Since 1998, IONDESIGN has been using this product design in single production units. Together with ATL, the production of the table has now been optimized.

German Design Award Nominee 2018

Schöner Tisch

Mobile Marking for Parking Spaces

The mobile marking is used for the flexible labeling of car spaces. The innovation lies in the easy mobility and stackability of this parking lot. The mobile marking is interesting for operators, who provide employee and visitor parking spaces. Different colors facilitate the distinction between them. The color adaptation to the corporate design of a company expands the external representation into the outer space.

German Design Award Nominee 2018 Red Dot Design Award Winner 2017

Schöner Tisch

Fall Of The Wall 2.0 - The Berlin Souvenir

One of Berlin’s patriarchal sights becomes a cool souvenir in the form of a collapsible wooden toy which presents Berlin as a vivid city which does not take itself too seriously. The Berlin Wall fell on November 9th 1989 – and now falls over and over again. The wall tumbles while maintaining its typical shape. By bushing the bottom plate into the base the single parts collapse and rise again as soon as the pressure abates.

Preis Berlin Souvenir